Nonwoven materials for agriculture

One of directions of JSC Komitex is manufacture termobonded nonwoven offered as a covering agricultural material.
A material of JSC Komitex manufacture :

  • has homogeneous structure that provides creation of a microclimate, guarantees uniform distribution of fall-out and constant air circulation;
  • well passes a moisture, thus it is not becomes heavier from water and does not damage even the most gentle sprouts;
  • the easy weight of a material does not render pressure upon plants and does not interfere with natural growth;
  • the nonwoven protects landings from a wind and damages, crippling insects and birds;
  • the material is harmless to an environment;
  • at storage the cloth does not decay, is steady against temperature drops.

Superficial density of nonwovens:  30-60 gr./sq.m. The maximal width: 1,9 m. The maximal winding in a roll: 1000 m.

Also in an agriculture at struggle against uncontrollable distribution of plants a cow-parsnip of Sosnovsky are used Geotextiles GEOKOM (D-100, DTM-100) manufactures of JSC Komitex. Use of a geotextiles as a covering material with a bulk ground allows to close  vegetative plants cow-parsnip, to isolate seed bank and to create favorable conditions for growth of cereal grasses or other plants, in a bulk ground.(Methodical recommendations on struggle against uncontrollable distribution of plants cow-parsnip of Sosnovsky  - Syktyvkar, 2008) (see section «Geotextiles»).

JSC Komitex also offers nonwovens and filters for a filtration of milk and other liquid foodstuff (see section ” Filters and nonwovens for a filtration”) 

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