Our production capabilities allow us to apply to your materials a thermal adhesive (an adhesive composition that is activated under the influence of temperature) or to heat-treat (thermo-bond) your materials:

1. Application of the thermal agent
can be produced on materials with a surface density of 20-300 g / m2. width up to 188 cm. During the application to the material of the thermoadhesive layer, it is exposed to a temperature effect of 120-140 g.С for 1 min.

The thermoadhesive layer can be applied with a surface density of 8-20 g / m2. The chemical composition is polyamide, the melting point is 125-130, 130-140 gr. The width of the application is 170-185 cm, depending on the surface density of the thermoadhesive layer and the starting material. The bond strength is not less than 4 N / cm.
The thermoadhesive gets the adhesive capacity when it is heated to the melting point.

2. Heat treatment (thermal bonding)
materials occurs at temperatures up to 160 g.C due to the low-melting components present in their composition in the free shrinkage regime, that is, without fixing the width of the material.

We are ready to carry out experimental works, including jointly with your specialists, for working out and coordinating technological production regimes.

It is possible to subsequently cut the finished material (with a thermal adhesive or heat-treated) to the required width and length, including tapes with a width of 20 mm, depending on the type and surface density of the raw material, and on rectangular blanks with a given width and length.

Organization of work of JSC "Komitex" in accordance with the international standards of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO TC 16949: 2009 guarantees compliance with the quality requirements agreed with you.