Nonwoven substrate for linoleum

JSC Komitex offers linoleum nonwoven substrate:

    • Needlepunched thermobonded substrate;
    • Needlepunched substrate


  • Linoleum nonwoven substrate is from 1,5 to 6,0 meters in width that permit to produce linoleum of different width.
  • Big length in a roll (up to 500 running meters) permits to reduce raw material losses at linoleum production by reducing number of joints.
  • The possibility of stable deliveries in big volumes and in short terms, as there are 6 needlepunched lines (France, Germany) functionning at JSC Komitex.

Linoleum nonwoven substrate has the following properties:

  • Fabric structure permits to keep more thick the substrate its self and finished material as well, what ensures high soundproofing and warmth-keeping properties of linoleum.
  • Nonwoven substrate thermobonding permits to reduce the paste consumption at linoleum production, as the paste penetrates less in substrate pores.
  • Nappy surface of the back of material ensures attractive appearance and additional soundproofing and warmth-keeping of linoleum.
  • Stability of all technical characteristics in length and in width (weight, thickness, strength) are achieved on up-to-date equipment of well-known foreign companies.
  • Due to controlled small elongations of substrate it extends no more at linoleum production.

JSC Komitex produces nonwoven substrates for thin linoleum as well.

Among our consumers are the biggest domestic linoleum manufactures JSC “Tarkett”, LLC «Komitex Lin» and other big domestic and foreign manufactures of floor coverings.

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