The list of the using raw materials

Chemical staple fibers:

  • polyester fiber;
  • viscose fiber;
  • polyamide fiber.

Synthetic latexes dispersed in water:

  • acrylate-copolymers;
  • butadiene thermallyformed copolymers.

Oil finishing for synthetic fibers:

  • Materials for textile fabrics’ complex finishing which attach the fire-protective properties, oil and water repellency, fungus resistance, electroconductivity.
  • Polypropylene in granules.
  • Secondary polypropylene granules (black or natureal)
  • PET in granules (primary and secondary).

PET raw material:

  • PET flakes (crushed bottle, preform)
  • pressed PET bottle
  • preform
  • waste PET-tape crushed and not crushed
  • other PET waste (soft, solid)


  • Antifoaming agent for synthetic latexes dispersed in water.
  • Foam former for synthetic latexes dispersed in water.
  • PET film.

Thermoadhesives of powder type, polyamide, polyethylene and polyester.

The following chemicals and their analogues:

  • boric acid
  • technical borax
  • caustic soda
  • optical bleach agent
  • quartz sand
  • concentrate dyes (masterbach) for polypropylene and polyester fibers’ coloration

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